Field to fork first, cannabis-infused second.

Field to fork first, cannabis-infused second.

Field to fork first, cannabis-infused second.

Field to fork first, cannabis-infused second.


Here are some common questions about our events and catering.

Is cannabis-infused dining legal?

Yes, since Michigan passed Proposition 1, events like this are entirely legal. We provide the cannabis product for you, within the legal limits of the law.

Does the food taste like cannabis?

In most cases, no. We use distillates and concentrates, and the earthy taste of cannabis is negligible. Our chefs sometimes use it like they might another herb, but it isn’t the dominant flavor in any dish.

How strong is the cannabis in the dishes?

Most meals have a maximum of 100 mg of THC distributed throughout all courses.  Many of the cannabis infusions are in sauces, dressings, salsas, butter and other additions, which allow guests to moderate and control their consumption. We work to ensure that small amounts of cannabis infusion are used in each dish so that over an entire meal you are ingesting and enjoying the experience. We recommend a go-slow approach for novices and our chefs can advise you and your guests about the THC levels in each dish.

How old do attendees need to be?

All participants must be 21 years or older. It is the responsibility of the host to uphold the law.

Can you make infused and non-infused meals at the same event?

Yes. We also work with you to accommodate food preferences and allergies. The price for both meals is the same.

Are beer or wine included?

We do not provide alcohol for our infused meals. We highly recommend that you limit drinking to one or two glasses of wine or beer to give guests the full cannabis-infused experience. Abundant still or sparkling water is a great option to help counter some of the drying effects of cannabis.

How long will the effects of cannabis last?

The elevated feeling can last several hours for most guests, depending on their tolerance. As with alcohol, guests should not drive immediately after eating and drinking water or other non-alcoholic beverages is a great idea. Plan to enjoy conversation, music, a walk or a game after your meal.

Cannabis-infused dining: An elevated eating experience.

There’s nothing quite like a cannabis-infused meal. With Michigan Cannabis Chefs not only will you delight in a high-quality meal executed by talented professional chefs, but you’ll also revel in the elevation and whole body experience as you savor cannabis-infused foods.

Dine with us?

We love introducing people to cannabis cuisine and creating a memorable experience.


Michigan Cannabis Chefs is a collaborative food company that specializes in crafting artisan cannabis-infused dishes for special occasion dinners, large group events and catered parties.