Meet Lynette & Nigel

Meet Lynette Marie

“The Hitalian Chef” / Mother-Wife-Healer-Poet

Cooking style:
Hawaiian, Italian and classic comfort food all rolled into one.

Quick hit:
“I spent most of my life in Hawaii and I still consider it home. I watched my grandma and great-grandma cooking a lot–that’s how they looked after me–in the kitchen. Now, having to feed my own babies, I started to look at food completely different. And I wanted to make sure I was feeding them and me healthy nutritious food. I’ve been blessed growing up in such exotic places being able to eat at such amazing restaurants. I love bringing my Hawaiian and Italian influence to people here in Michigan.”

Cannabis connection:
A life of chronic health problems led her to cannabis as a solution to her pain and addiction to opioids. “My connection to Cannabis is huge, it’s the ONLY thing in my life medication-wise, that has EVER helped me. Everything else hurt me more, but cannabis made me feel like there was hope, and someday I was going to be okay.”

“The reason I feel so strongly about giving back to the homeless is that I want to be the person that hands a warm delicious meal, to someone that would never be able to afford it. A good meal gives you hope, it warms your belly, it makes you feel like, even if just for a few minutes, that everything IS going to be ok.”

Meet Chef Nigel Douglas

“Nacho” / Father-Friend-Protector

Cooking style:
It’s like his test results, a little bit of everything from around the world with a dominant Caribbean flare.

Quick hit:  
“From a young age I was always hanging out in the kitchen paying attention as food was being prepared. My parents opened a small restaurant and my interest in food kept expanding. In my teen years, I was cooking for friends and experimenting in the kitchen. I enrolled in the Art Institute in Chicago for Culinary Arts. In college, I helped open a restaurant with a few other students. Between that and doing events with high-profile chefs around the city, I built a militant work ethic. Once out of school I ran a couple of restaurants before moving to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Having access to so many fresh ingredients I really started focusing on the healthier cuisine options as my standard.”

Cannabis Connection: 
Nigel was born with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition that affects muscle control and movement. “I felt like a medical guinea pig from an early age. It seemed like every treatment option was an experiment, especially when it came to pain. In my teen years, I started consuming cannabis and understood its ability to relieve pain I quickly became an avid user. Now I’m able to reach and educate through cannabis-infused cooking I know I’m in the right place: helping, healing and bringing people together with food.”

“The world should evolve around us not revolve around us.  Food for thought, grab a plate.”

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